Beer and Wine Sales, Asheville NC


Shipping Beer & Wine

Wine Shippers

We are able to ship to most states, with exceptions where prohibited by law.

To ensure the best transportation and least harm to your wine, we ship using cases with molded styrofoam interiors. They are priced as follows:

Type Price Size (in inches) approx weight when full
1btl $4.99 5x5x16 3lbs
1 champ btl $4.99 6x6x14 3.5lbs
2btl $5.99 10x5x16 6lbs
3btl $6.99 12x5x15 9lbs
6btl $10.99 14x9x16 18lbs
12 btl $14.99 21x16x16 36lbs

Shipping costs vary by weight and distance. Larger format beer bottles can also be shipped in our containers. 12 oz bottles can be heavily wrapped to fit in our wine containers, but it isn’t a particularly economic method of shipping, so we wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s a beer you really want.

Shipping Containers are reusable! If you’d like to save some money the next time you wish to have us ship your order, return your shipping container to us (they’re pretty inexpensive to mail empty) and save the cost of buying a new container. Even if you’re not planning on ordering again soon, we’ll give you credit for the next time you do.

Please contact us by phone or email for more information on shipping.