Beer and Wine Sales, Asheville NC


Kegs for Rent


Looking to get a keg in Asheville? Whether you’re throwing a party or living the dream of owning a kegerator, there’s little better than brewery-fresh draft beer. The Weinhaus offers kegs big and small from across the country and across the street (well, around the corner, down a block and across the street). We keep our walk-in cooler stocked with both macros and micros and are happy to order in just about any beer available on tap in WNC with a few days notice (eg, if you need something by the weekend, our suppliers’ cut off is usually wednesday afternoon). We supply kegs, taps, tubs and ice if you need it.

Walk-in buyers are always welcome, but to be sure you get the beer you love best, call us and reserve your keg(s) as soon as you know you’ll need them. This helps keep our stock from running out at the last minute. Keg reservations require a credit card to hold our stock. We don’t charge you until you come to pick up (unless you’d prefer it), but we reserve the right to charge a 10% restocking fee on special orders that go unclaimed.

Keg Facts

Keg Type Description Gallons 12oz (bottle) servings 16oz (pint) servings cases of 24-12oz bottles
1/2 Barrel standard full size keg 15.5 168 128 7
1/4 Barrel 1/2 size keg aka pony keg 7.75 84 63 3.5
1/6 Barrel 1/3 size keg aka torpedo 5.2 56 42 2.3
50 liter European full size keg 13.2 141 106 5.9
30 liter European smaller keg 7.9 85 63 3.5

Keg sizes depend on the breweries they come from. American micro-breweries typically offer their beers in 1/2 and 1/6 barrel kegs, while the major, or macro, breweries offer theirs in 1/2 and 1/4 barrel kegs, though there are exceptions (eg, Anheuser Busch has switched to 1/6 kegs instead of 1/4, and Bell’s Brewery offers 1/4 instead of 1/6, and some microbreweries use european sizes). European breweries’ kegs are varied in sizes but are mostly in 50 and 30 liter varients. European kegs also require special taps, which we can provide in hand pumps. Kegerator customers must purchase special taps or adaptors for their systems to work with european kegs.

Keg Deposits

To ensure our equipment return, we charge a $30 deposit on each tap and keg shell we rent out, excluding Pisgah Brewery kegs, which are $100 per shell. This is the same deposit we have to pay the breweries that supply us, and is refunded immediately upon the return of all equipment.

Remember that although an empty keg doesn’t look like much, it’s an important part of the brewing business and breweries need that keg back so that they can refill it for the next customer. Our general policy is that our kegs and taps (and tubs) are due back in five days. Kegerator customers are exempt from this policy.

We are able to take deposits on credit and debit cards as an authorization, meaning that your card will not actually be charged unless our equipment is not returned. However, some banks put a hold on authorizations for an entire billing cycle, meaning that, although you have not been charged and may have already returned your kegs, the amount of your deposit may be inaccesible to you. With credit cards the amount is held against your spending limit, while with debit cards you will not be able to spend below the amount of your deposit in your account. If this is a concern for you, we recommend stopping by the atm and leaving a cash deposit. We’re open seven days a week, so returns are easy.